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International K2 Symposium

International K2 Symposium
Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the Vitamin K2 Study Group (“Study Group” below) is displayed on this website.

1. Principle for personal information protection
By establishing the following principle for personal information protection and building a framework for such purpose, this study group will ensure all of our employees acknowledge the importance of such system and strive to achieve their best, in the effort of implementing a thorough protection of personal information.
2.The purpose of collecting personal information

Personal information obtained from our customers is only used for the following purposes by principle.
Approval from customers will be obtained beforehand if their personal information is used for purposes that are not listed below.

  • A)Operation and provision of service or related information of this study group
  • B)Conduction of investigation, revision, or project with the aim of improving this Study Group’s operation and service quality
  • C)Introduction of the Study Group to customers in the form of media such as mail magazine or direct mail
  • D)Responding to enquiries from customers
3.Management of personal information
In the interest of maintaining accuracy and up-to-datedness of our customers’ personal information, preventing inappropriate access, loss, corruption or manipulation of personal information, the Study Group will take necessary steps such as setting up and maintaining a security system, ensuring proper management system and thorough staff education , and execute safety measures to carry out strict management of personal information.
Under certain circumstances, relating to the possession of personal information, the Study Group might have to entrust it to an external group. In such case, only organizations with sufficient protection to personal information will be selected and necessary and appropriate supervision will be performed to the entrustee.
4.Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to a third party

This Study Group will manage personal information entrusted by our customers appropriately. No personal information will be disclosed to a third party except the following conditions.

  • A)Receival of approval from customers
  • B)When disclosing a customer’s personal information to an external entrustee for the purpose of carrying out an operation of ORTHOMEDICO’s which was desired by the customer
  • C)In the circumstances where disclosure is required by law
5.Compliance and review of law and regulations
While ensuring compliance to the part of the Law of Japan where the possession of personal information is concerned, and other related regulation, the Study Group will review the appropriateness of the content of this privacy policy when necessary and strive to improve it.

For enquiries about the handling of personal information by this Study Group, please contact us through the followings.

Vitamin K2 Research Study Group Organizing Committee (Within ORTHOMEDICO Inc.)
〒112-0002 2F Sumitomo Fudosan Korakuen Bldg., 1-4-1 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel 03-3818-0610